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Archive Vault

Since very early on in its history De La Salle has produced a yearbook, known as the 'Wine and Gold' after the school's colours. Publication lapsed from time to time over the years and there have been large periods between editions. However, the tradition is a mighty one and now provides insights into the school as it was nearly sixty years ago - as well as life and society in general of that era - up to the present, chronicling changes and also just providing a window to nostalgia for past-pupils, former teachers and friends of the College. The latest editions, as they are released, showcase all the happenings in the college over the school year and are a font of information and even enjoyment to the readers, as well as providing an excellent experience for those students working on the yearbook and those contributing.

What you see below is not a complete list of all Wine and Golds produced, nor all in the College's possession, and will, in time, be updated accordingly. If you have an edition of the Wine and Gold which is not here we would appreciate it if you could conatact the College about it, so that it can be posted here for everyone's benefit. And, of course, for posterity.

Wine and Gold 1958

Wine and Gold 1963

Wine and Gold 1964

Wine and Gold 1965

Wine and Gold 1966

Wine and Gold 1970

Wine and Gold 1983