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De La Salle College Churchtown was founded in 1952 and many people have passed through its doors since then. Whilst the College is proud of all of them, here are some who have achieved perhaps a larger recognition in the world:


                    John Carney                                      Damien Duff                                                                 
                                    John Carney                                                                           Damien Duff 

                     Jim Stynes                                       Tom Vaughan -Lawlor

                                      Jim Stynes                                                                    Tom Vaughan-Lawlor   

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Jim Stynes' brothers Brian and David also attended the College. Brian Stynes was on Dublin's winning team in the 1995 All-Ireland Senior Football Championship against Tyrone at Croke Park. He was awarded an All Star for his performances in 1995. David Stynes represented Ireland in Australian Rules football at both the 2002 Australian Football International Cup and the 2011 Australian Football International Cup title; Ireland won both times.

Other alumni include Des Fitzgerald, a prop-forward who played for the Irish national rugby-union team from 1984 to 1992, winning 34 caps, and the father of Irish International rugby player Luke Fitzgerald, former members of Republic of Loose 'Brez' Breslin and Declan 'Deco' Quinn who left in 2009, Jamie Lee D'Alton who won Best Sports Documentary at the 2012 IFTAs for his production 'Man on a Mission', and Rory Stokes, Paul Mooney and John McGrath of The Sussed who had a No. 3 hit on the charts in Ireland in 1981 called 'Don't Swim On The East Coast'.



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